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Individualized Plans

Neurofeedback is most effective when a treatment plan is in place. Your practitioner works with you to determine your personal treatment plan. Adjustments in treatment frequency, length of session, and focus areas may be made along the way.


Free Consultation

A 30 minute in-office question and answer consult where we can demonstrate what an actual Neurofeedback session looks like. For your initial consultation please call us at

(206) 778-9205 or email us at

Initial $350 Assessment

Your initial assessment visit will last approximately 2 hours. It will consist of a 20-minute cognitive function test and a history intake, and your first Neurofeeback session.


Session Packages (Please Inquire)

Session fee is $175. We offer a discount for a 10-session package. Please inquire about a package at your Initial Assessment.


Schedule your appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact us. 

Call: (206) 778-9205
Email: Seattle Neurofeedback

Payment is due at your appointment.

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